SLDZ Synthetic Ice Panels

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Synthetic Ice panels for Goaltender training

Premium synthetic ice for goaltenders! Developed , tested & engineered with goaltender training needs in mind

  • Glide & slide on panel enhancers 
  • Infused permanent slide & glide enhancer allows high level goaltender movement
  • 10 year warranty
  • Long term durability – no shavings or residue from goaltender skate cuts
  • Can be installed anywheres as long as it is on a flat surface


Panel Specs.

Specifications Material: Glide & Slide propriety blend pressed

Dimensions: 1000mm x  750mm

Thickness: 18mm

Weight: 7.5kg 

UV Protected: Yes

Connection System: “SuperiorSnap” tail Assembly:

Warranty: 10 year warranty